3 Pretty Ways to Display Cross Stitch Hoops

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Hoop art is my jam. Anyone who's seen my inspiration wall can tell as I've gathered a cute little collection of feminist hoops from independent makers.
hoop art on inspiration wall
But the one question I get asked most about my own hoop art, is how to display it.
Whilst the most obvious way to do it is to whack the design in a frame, if you like the shape of a hoop like me, here's a little guide to making it work in your home:

1. Pin it up

Pin up your hoop

Hoops have a great catch on them, which is perfect to hang off a nail on the wall, just like a picture frame. This means they're nice and sturdy and can go anywhere.

2. Hang it by the washi tape

Tape to the wall
Not everyone can nail into their wall, especially in rented accommodation. So another stylish way to display is to bring out the pretty washi tape and some jute twine. The catch is perfect for looping through twine or ribbon. Equally, you can tie a knot at the top and hang the hoop from the ribbon on hooks, door knobs or handles.

3. Prop up on a shelf

Display on a shelf
Hoops can balance incredibly well, and it's not out of the question to pop them on a shelf with some of your favourite items. If you prop them against a wall, other items on the shelf or a plant, they'll sit quite nicely on your shelf.
And there you have it! My 3 ways to style your cross stitch hoops at home.

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