Dos & Don'ts: The Hardships of Using a Polaroid Camera

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If you're as obsessed with the pre-digital era as I am, this one's for you. (I'm talking record players, typewriters, cassette tapes, the lot) Polaroid cameras mesmerise me. They may be a little bit extra work, but they're great for scrapbooking and mixed media projects.
Polaroid photography
So here's some of the lessons I've learned. I hope this helps any photographers make the move to analogue:

DON'T spend a fortune.

Recommended polaroid camera
If you're not willing to put in a lot of work, I recommed the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8. The camera picks out the best brightness setting for you, which makes results a little more consistent. If you're a hardcore polaroid lover, there are plenty of second-hand cameras going on eBay for between £10-50. Whilst you can pay over £120 in places like Urban Outfitters, the results can be just as temperamental so dip your toes in before you commit to that price tag.

DO buy your film in bulk.

First attempts at polaroids
When I first started using polaroid it took me about 6 shots just to master the basic set up. As packs of film come in 8 or 10, you'll want a couple to get you started.

DON'T shake it like a polaroid picture (sorry Outkast).

Polaroid picture
Pop it face down away from major sources of heat and light and wait for that baby to develop (anywhere between 15-30 minutes).

DO have a steady hand.

Have a steady hand
Too much force when you click that button can blur your perfect shot at the very last minute. I've almost pulled all of my hair out for this very reason.
Hopefully you're feeling a little more clued up now! If you have any questions or you think I've missed something out, let me know in the comments below

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