How To: Make Pretty Wedding Centrepieces (without breaking the bank!)

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To save yourself from breaking the bank when it comes to getting your wedding decorations together, you can make your very own centrepiece vases to brighten up your table!

DIY Pretty Wedding Centrepiece Jars

What you're going to need:

what you'll need
  • Collected jars
  • Assorted ribbon and twine
  • Liquid glue
  • Double sided tape
  • Scissors

What you need to do:

  1. Make sure all of the jars you're using are washed clean (a dishwasher is the best way to get rid of any lingering food or bacteria) and that all of the labels have been removed clean your jars 
  2. When using twine, cut an amount about three times the size that you need to tie it around the top of the jar                                                                        Cut the twine 
  3. Wrap it around three times and tie a bow to finish it off Tie a bow 
  4. Some ribbon is available with a sticky back on it, like this white lace one I have. Measure out the amount you need to surround the bottom of the jar and cut leaving a little flap in excess Measure length of ribbon 
  5. Remove the protective paper so that the sticky back is exposed Expose the adhesive 
  6. Apply straight to the glass jar, ensuring to take the time to keep it straight Apply to the jar 
  7. Repeat this process at the top of the jar as well Repeat at the top
  8. With plain ribbon, you can use either liquid glue or double sided tape to attach it to the glass jars. Measure slightly more than you need to allow the two ends of the ribbon to overlap slightly                                                         Measure length of ribbon
  9. Apply a dot of liquid glue to the jar and attach the first end (make sure to hold until it sticks). Then wrap it around and place another glue dot on top of the ribbon in the same spot as before, sealing the second endGlue the jar
  10. Alternatively, cut a small strip of double sided tapeCut double sided tape
  11. Apply it directly to the back of the ribbonAttach ribbon to the tape
  12. Peel back the protective tape to expose the sticky partUnpeel protective layer
  13. Apply directly to the jar and wind around the ribbon so that it meets togetherAttach to the jar
  14. Apply another strip of double sided tape to the end of the ribbon and press on to secure the ribbon
And there you have it!
Finished DIY
Pretty jars that have cost you virtually nothing and are ready for your beautiful flower arrangements in the centre of your tables!
If you have a go at these please share with me either in the comments or on Instagram 

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