How to Tote-ally Rock Your Feminist Fashion

how to lifestyle Plants for Feminism

See what I did there?

Wear your tote with pride

Personally, I think totes are the best bags in the world (okay, backpacks are definitely a close second).

Tonnes of independent makers emblazon 100% organic cotton with beautiful and clever designs, which makes them the perfect accessory to any outfit. Especially if you're looking to flex those feminist muscles.

So, here's my guide to owning your new feminist accessory.

1. Ready for anything

Looking through tote bag

Tote bags are perfect for more than just the daily Post Office run. You can literally throw anything and everything in there to be prepped for the day ahead.

Socialising with friends

Why not take it out to your local independent coffee shop and spread the feminist agenda en route?

2. Double up for a feminism ensemble

Feminist outfit

Tote aren't the only accessories you can spread the word with. 

There are so many quality tees out there with feminist slogans that you can double up on when you're feeling your fiercest feminist self. 

Check out The Future is Equal tee by Darwin Designs if you also want to start making waves everywhere you go.

3. Customise to add your own stamp

Add pins and patches

Pins and patches are such an easy way to customise your look.

Here I have my very own Cacti Not Cat Calls pin along with some beauts from onrshop.

4. Do your bit

Save the oceans

This mural in Cheltenham is so beautiful and so tragic. We know our oceans are full of plastic and that we need to be doing more.

When you buy a pretty tote you're making it easier to remember your bag, instead of having to get a plastic carrier bag. 

So you can walk around safe in the knowledge that you're doing your bit (and in style).

Tote-ally Rock Your Bag

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