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That title. My self deprecation knows no bounds!

In all seriousness, I thought it was high time I opened up to you guys about the new collection. Where it came from, why it happened and why I think you'll love it. So this is a little glimpse behind the scenes at how this all went from crazy idea to dreamy new collection (even if I do say so myself!)

plants for feminism product collection

You probably know by now that I started a podcast this year.

Well, it's all about female empowerment, and speaking to SO many empowering women inspired me.

Every woman has such strength, such resilience and such determination to succeed at what they love. 

And something clicked in me.

I was like, hold up B, this is what you've been searching for. This is why you make products. You want women to feel empowered.

And so Plants for Feminism was born.

*SPOILER ALERT - I'm super proud of these designs and am complimenting my own work. It's not arrogant; it's owning your success*

1. Woman up (grow some ovaries)

Women are strong as hell. We've been handed a life that is automatically considered less important. 

You have to be strong, just to get to where you are today.

And that's why I fucking hate the phrase "man up".

Oh yeah because white cis-gendered males know the struggle. They have to fight so hard to get paid properly for their work, to have their opinions taken seriously... Oh wait.

Nah, that's us. So I always say woman up.

This design actually started life as a patch design about a year ago. But it was so bland and nothing like this vibrant notebook! 

I love making lists so a notebook just had to be part of the collection.

2. The only glass ceiling I accept ('cause I'm a motherfucking CEO)

This is the very first thing I designed for the collection. And I have to say, I love it.

Learning to take your skill from paper to digital is a STEEP learning curve.

Building up layers of colourful and interesting plants was enough in itself to make me joyous, but I can't resist a good pun too.

I love thinking that absolute bosses across the country could have this in their office or home.

3. Crazy plant lady (ie. perfectly sane human being)

Y'all know by now I am hella obsessed with plants, right? (No? Where have you been?!)

So I had to make a card to celebrate it! I wanted to make something really versatile so it could be used for all types of occasions to celebrate plant babes whenever they succeed. 

This came literally from me playing around drawing leaves. I love it when an idea just hits you from messing around - it's a really rewarding feeling when you then take it to fruition.

4. Fuelled by male tears (and so much healthier for it)

Would a plant collection be complete without a pot for our little green friends?

I loved the idea that we could fuel our plants on male tears. 

Not that I'm condoning taking your plants up to a man and kicking him in the balls until the tears happen. Just to clarify.

I've had so many ideas for different plant pot designs and have struggled to make them work. But this one is just a yes from me.

5. Ferns for feminism (because Mother Nature has your back)

My tote collection is overtaking my coat rack in reality, but could I resist? 

Of course not!

This has been my perfect way to challenge the patriarchy on the daily. My Post Office runs have become the highlight of my day as I watch other women smile in agreement and some really awful people tut.

As Queen Bey says, twirl on them haters.

Why ferns? They're one of my favourite plant families and I'm also an absolute sucker for some good, old fashioned alliteration.

6. Plants not patriarchy (because wouldn't the world be better)

Wearable feminist mantras was an absolute must. These are like the crowning jewel of the collection.

I loved making a colourful planty patch to update the most simple of tees. 

I honestly believe that if we all picked plants over patriarchy everywhere would be an urban jungle and society would be in a much better state than it currently is!

So I wear mine to help encourage people to make that healthy lifestyle choice.

It was really important to me for it to be iron-on for easy use, and embroidered to add that little bit of luxury.

7. Cacti not cat calls (should be enforceable by law)

This is possibly my favourite thing my brain has ever come up with.

Just, for a sec, imagine a world where anyone about to cat call instead has to go buy a cactus. 

Utopia, right?

This pin has been on my clothing every. Damn. Day. Since it came through the door.

It was super important that those cacti be as damn cute as possible as well. I think they're really happy!

I didn't find out about Cat Calls of NYC until after designing it, but I just love how perfectly the two marry together.


That's it gang!

If you got to the end of this post, congratulations. I will send you something in the post, genuinely.

I know how easy it is to ignore a super long blog so props to you.

I hope you love this collection as much as I do, and that it helps you spread your feminist plant lady message wherever you go.


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