The Ultimate Self-Care Kit List

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With a new year comes a new focus. We've set our goals, we have our expectations for the year and we're determined to achieve them as soon as we can.
But it's just as important to make sure you're looking after yourself. So I've popped together a little kit list of things I love to use to make sure I'm spending as much time relaxing as grinding away at my goals.

Take a bath

self care bath time
Nothing relaxes me quite like a bath. Especially when I'm using handmade, natural products to wash away the stress of the day! My personal favourite is from independent maker ElskaBody. It fizzes away to release beautiful smells and petals to make you feel like Venus.

Drift off

sleep spacemasks
Sometimes I find it super hard to get off to sleep. My mind plays a really fun game where it revs up and gets loads of inspiration just on the point of sleep. But when I really need to shut the world out I use spacemasks. I don't know what kind of magic happens, but the air heats up the mask, making the area around your eyes delightfully warm. It makes you super sleepy and ready for rest.

Mood lighting

Urban Outfitters moon and stars
On a dark evening a little candlelight can really make you feel snug. I'm currently obsessed with these moon and star tealights from Urban Outfitters.

A cuppa

bee tea mug
Yes caffeine is counter-intuitive, but tea just makes everything better. I always have a mug when I'm snuggling under a blanket or reading a book. I just got this super cute Annie Dornan-Smith bee mug and it adds a little glamour to the occasion.
tea heritage tea bags
Whilst I love a chocolate tea, these tea bags from Tea Heritage go super with the moon and star tealights if you fancy making your self-care space themed.

Speaking of blankets

pixie stone's little creations
I know a fab lady who loves to knit. Not only is she good at it, she makes the most gorgeous colour combinations which are sure to make you smile. Check out Pixie Stone's Little Creations for her other colour combos!

And no blanket snuggle is complete without...

Topshop dinosaur socks
Cosy socks! And being Queen of the Dinosaurs I wouldn't be complete without several pairs of dinosaur socks to complete a cosy evening in. These new ones from Topshop are super cute!
Let me know if you try any of these! I think they're all ace, but especially the bits made by independent businesses. I'm trying to shop small wherever I can and I hope this encourages you to as well!

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