Where to Find the Best Plants Right Now (and make your friends green envy)

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It's no secret that we are plant crazy right now. Personally, it is my life mission to live in a house that looks a little something like this:
Dream jungalow
To the degree that my poor husband tried to place a plant buying ban on our house (let's get real, that was never going to happen). But I know the perils of finding the plants you want.
You buy from a big brand, but maybe the plant's already got a little leaf rot. You order online, it arrives with most of its leaves broken. You take a cutting but don't know how in the hell to keep it alive long enough to plant it. So here are my go-tos for finding the best plants ever:


I know, the holy grail for us millennials. But it's so much more than meatballs and Billy bookcases. IKEA is huge, so they have enough room to keep the massive monsteras, palm plants and fiddle leaf figs.
Monstera plant
And they're normally in pretty good condition.


Asparagus fern
I'm normally super anti supermarket/big brand plants. For example never EVER trust a Wilko plant. I've had one too many bad experiences to ever trust them again.
But Tesco usually comes up trumps on their selection and I have at least 6 that have lived on in bliss for over a year. My asparagus fern is my pride and joy - only £2.50 and growing ever larger still.

Love Your Local

Local florists tend to have a great selection of plants. My favourite in Cheltenham is The Flower and Garden Shop. The lady who owns the shop is lovely and ever happy to feed the appetite of a plant addict like myself. She always has a new palette of cacti and succulents and the most amazing collection of spider plants
. No Guts No Glory plant section 
Whilst they're no longer my local, No Guts No Glory in Exeter is always full of the most beautiful plants. Just take a look at their Insta for all the green dreaminess you'll ever need.

Plant Pop-Ups

String of pearls plant
People are catching on to just how popular plants are and hosting pop-ups in their lovely brick and mortar stores. Meggie's in Stow-on-the-Wold is hosting a pop-up on the first weekend of every month. Folia Planting will be bringing along some of their lovely greenery to feed your plant addiction, and if you just can't wait you can find them online.


Online plant shops
Have a particular plant in mind? Worried that it will be too rare to find?
Geo-fleur always has a healthy stock to choose from, with a Rare Plants section on their website. They are also the most reliable I've found when it comes to postal delivery (do always bear in mind when ordering online that the postal service doesn't care about a Monstera leaves tearing as much as you do).
So there you have it! Try not to spend it all in one place (although it is tempting). And happy plant hunting!

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