Confessions of a Small Business Owner Podcast

Welcome, Small Bis Owners!

Something big is happening...

December 2017 I felt a change happening within the creative community on Instagram. Everyone seemed kinda sick of perfect grids, only sharing the highlights and comparing yourself to others. 

And that's when it clicked.

Why don't we have a place where we, as female creativepreneurs, are sharing the reality of being a small business owner?

'Cause we ain't helping anyone by pretending it's all sunshine and roses.

As a big believer in community over competition, I set about making a resource for other female creativepreneurs to draw from when they needed inspiration, reassurance and, most importantly, empowerment.

I contacted as many people as I could who I knew to be candid, real and unapologetically themselves. I got my business icons, people just starting out, a few trusted bis bffs and women at basically every stage in being a small business owner. And I interviewed them.

And not the "let's vaguely talk about how you got successful in a way that's not actionable for anyone, just makes people feel more lost". Nu-uh hun, we don't go in for that. 

I'm talking, out and out what mistakes did you make, why did you make them, get honest, get real, share your motherfucking truth.

And Confessions of a Small Business Owner (the podcast) is the result.

Every two weeks I'm going to be sharing one of these very special interviews with you. They're about specific topics each time, so you don't have to worry about wading through waffle to get to the juicy tips, tricks and advice.

Sixth episode airs 25th September


Kate Craft Fair Episode


I also have an EXCLUSIVE blog interview with the lovely Joanne Hawker right here if you fancy a little 5 minute read full of goodness to get you in the mood.


You can listen on iTunes and the podcast homepage.


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